Gemloader Premium Graded Card Binder Blue

The Premium Graded Card Binder! Designed to meet the demands of slab collectors, this folder has been specially developed for PSA and Beckett graded cards, as well as other boards of equal dimensions.
among others it adapts: CGC, M3, AP, PGS, GetGraded, UGS, Pokegrade, Graad, MGC and more.

Here's what you can expect from this exceptional new product:

Safely store and display your most prized possessions in our Premium Graded Card Binder, which offers space for 28 graded cards with 7 pages, each with 4 universal points. With its stunning appearance, this folder exudes luxury and elegance. Unlike standard slab cases, it offers improved visibility, allowing you to admire your cards whenever you want.

Rest assured that your cards are in good hands with our highest quality zipper, ensuring protection from dust and UV rays.

Experience the convenience of our exclusive Gemloader graded card binder, where you can store PSA and BGS graded cards on the same page. Our binder and pages feature a patented design that ensures unmatched quality that can't be found anywhere else.

✅Designed for PSA, BGS and other slabs of equal dimensions
✅Highest quality ring binder with carrying tubes included
✅High quality zipper
✅Splash-resistant vegan leather case
✅Acid-free materials
✅Space for 28 graded cards, with 7 pages, each with 4 universal spaces
✅Easily snap your graded cards into place with our patented design.

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